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Training in International Development
CARLA International3D has built a strong reputation for providing effective, expert and quality international development training. Our courses get right to the heart of issues in international development. They are practical, highly participatory and focus specifically on skills development and deepening understanding.
Our trainings are provided by qualified development practitioners and use active learning to build your skills and knowledge, while encouraging participants to share experiences and challenges. They address the issues, tools and techniques surrounding the activities of aid, NGOs, Donors and business organisations in international development.

Our courses and workshops are aimed at all levels from those of you with a general interest in international development, and those who would like to develop their skills to work more effectively in improving lives through development programmes, whether with a charity or as an international development professional .

We also offer 2 Africa based practical trainings, developed in collaboration  with UNlCEF, WFP and the Royal Geographical Society. The course offer participants the unique opportunity to hands-on-learn the tools and processes that are needed to plan and manage effective development projects.

CARLA International
3D offers three learning experiences:
       1 Day What is Development? - introduction to international development

       2 Day Field Techniques for International Development - participatory
       approaches in practice.

       2 Day Project Cycle Management in International Development -
       design, plan, manage & adjust development projects.

2 Week Project Design & Planning - field based practical training in
design & planning a development initiative.

6 Week Project Cycle Management - project integrated practical  
training in designing, planning & implementing a development initiative.

CARLA International is an international development organisation offering international  
development training courses. Our international development training courses have been  
designed by international development experts who are also trained as trainers. We offer three  
distinct international development training experiences; UK class room based international  
development training; Africa based practical trainings in international development; and in-
house bespoke international development training and workshops. All of our trainings are  
participatory and experiential, involving hands on exercises that put all of the training course  
content into practical scenario based chunks that are easy to digest.   
The UK based international development trainings involve discovering, debating and engaging  
with the international development debate. The introductory course, what is international  
development explores the idea of international development   as good change. This course is  
designed for those with an interest in international development and those who are looking for  
an international development career. Held at the Royal Geographical society, this international  
development course is aimed at giving you an overview of what development is about.
The other two international development courses equip you with the tools and knowledge  
needed in field techniques and management methods used when designing, planning and  
implementing an international development project. These international development training  
courses represent pointed weapons in a quiver needed for and international development  
Field techniques in international development: where you will be taken through the different  
techniques used in researching, designing and planning and international development project;  
Project cycle management for international development: This international development  
training course takes you through the knowledge, tools and processes that are involved in  
designing, planning and managing an international development project.
The practical training in international development represent a unique and exciting opportunity  
to hands-on learn the tools, process and knowledge needed in the design, planning and  
implementation of an international development project in the field. As project integrated  
international development trainings, these programmes will give participants first hand  
experiential understanding of what and how international development interventions are. Unlike  
volunteering, particularly volunteering Africa, these international development courses provided  
the unique opportunity to truly engage in a meaningful international development project.  
Furthermore, with CARLA International a member of the enough food for everyone if, that  
participants will design, plan and implement will reduce child malnutrition in the Sahel crisis  
region of West Africa.
Our bespoke international development training and workshops can take place wherever you  
would like them to be held, either, in-house, at the Royal Geographical society (our training  
base) or any country where we have expertise. These international development trainings and  
workshops are designed to meet the needs of your organisation, and will combine all the  
relevant components in order that they will meet the goals and objectives identified by you.  
The courses listed are also explained in the links above. Our international development training  
courses are all aimed at inproving your knowledge and skills for engaging with international  
development jobs. Understaning that a high proportion of our applicants are looking for a career  
in international development, our international developmet courses have been designed to  
equip you with the fondations of the proffesional understanding and tools required for an  
international development job. During each of the international development training courses  
our facilitators are there to help you understand the processes involved in an international  
development career.
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UK based training and workshops:
Africa based practical training:
In-house bespoke service where we design and develop a course with    you in order to match the exact training needs of your group or organisation. We also provide consultancy support for further capacity building in you organisation.

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