CARLA International is an international development organisation offering international development training courses. Our international development training involves:
- What is international development training
- Practical training in international development
- International development training
Unlike volunteering abroad, our international development trainings will help you build international development careers, and will help you find international development jobs in the future. As a social development organisation we look at international volunteering from a perspective of an international development organisation. The volunteering programmes represent international development trainings, were you will be taken through what exactly is international development. If you are interested in a career in international development then it is suggested that you come on one of our international development courses. We have a great reputation for delivering outstanding international development courses and have been working closely with the Royal Geographical society and UNICEF. Our International development training also work hand in hand with the enough food for everyone IF campaign, as the international development course involves you volunteering in Africa building a school garden. There will be enough food for everyone in the school and the community.

Practical Training
in Africa
- 2 weeks
  Project Planning

- 6 weeks
  Project Cycle  
Participatory Techniques for Sustainable Development
Weekend 17th-18th March
Royal Geographical Society
Welcome to CARLA International3D
CARLA is an internationally recognised not-for-profit organisation providing  social development services to assist marginalised communities and their environment. We are a cooperative of experts committed to making a serious and sustainable impact on poverty, global inequality and environmental injustice, and work with development partners around the world to advocate human wellbeing through the promotion of Community Access to Resources & Livelihood Activities.
CARLA International is part of a network of over 250 professionals with expertise in areas that include social development, livelihood strategies, business for development (CSR) and wellbeing, extending across the sustainable development community worldwide. We takes a human centred 3D approach to international development, working with development partners in the north and the south in improving material, subjective and relational wellbeing. Building on the traditional poverty lens of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we use a triple bottom line strategy, incorporating the social, environmental and economic facets of development in achieving holistic sustainable outcomes.
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No one need be hungry or malnurished.... IF....

• The G8 is commited to aiding
  agricultural development
• There is investment in small-scale
• There is sustainable management of
  cash crop and biofuel production
• There is investment in nutrition
• There is finance for the adaptation
  to climate change

There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, yet one in eight women, men and children go to bed hungry every night. Each year, 2.3 million children die from malnutrition. There is enough food to feed everyone, but the majority of those going hungry are small-scale farmers. There is enough food for everyone, but people cannot afford to buy it. In developing countries, poor people often spend as much as three quarters of their income on food.
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Know Before You Go:
Stakeholder Dialogue
Participants Summary -
            By David Measures
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