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CARLA International is an international development organisation offering international
development training courses. Our international development training involves:
- What is international development training
- Practical training in international development
- International development training
Unlike volunteering abroad, our international development trainings will help you build
international development careers, and will help you find international development jobs in
the future. As a social development organisation we look at international volunteering from
a perspective of an international development organisation. The volunteering programmes
represent international development trainings, were you will be taken through what exactly
is international development. If you are interested in a career in international development
then it is suggested that you come on one of our international development courses. We
have a great reputation for delivering outstanding international development courses and
have been working closely with the Royal Geographical society and UNICEF. Our
International development training also work hand in hand with the enough food for
everyone IF campaign, as the international development course involves you volunteering
in Africa building a school garden.

The 3D approach to international development is a holistic methodology that we also use
in our international development training. Our international development training courses
have been designed in collaboration with UNICEF in order to help you in international
development careers. Unlike volunteering abroad, the international development courses
tackle the real issues in the country while giving you the best training ready for any
international development job. We understand that it is very difficult finding international
development jobs and have been working together with UNICEF and other organisations
involved in the enough food for everyone campaign.
Furthermore, we offer businesses who are interested in international development bespoke
international development training in corporate social responsibility - CRS - related to
international development projects. As with our international development training
courses, these international development trainings are aimed at developing best practice
and facilitating International development as good change.
Our 2 week practical international development training has been developed in
collaboration with the royal geographical society and UNICEF, in accordance with the
enough food for everyone campaign. This international development training course will
take place in Africa, and unlike volunteering Africa, will be of direct benefit to an
international development career. We understand that international development jobs are
hard to come by, and that field experience is a necessary part of your portfolio should you
wish to embark on an international development career. To this end, our international
development training has been designed to equip you with the relevant international
development skills that volunteering in Africa could not give you.
It is a 2 week international development course where you will undergo hands on learning
of the knowledge and skills needed in a career in international development. This will help
you in your search for an international development job and will be invaluable in you
international development career. The content is social development based and involves
following the project management cycle in designing and planning an appropriate
international development response. This response goes hand in hand with the aims of the
enough food for everyone if campaign.

The what is International Development Course in an international development training
course that addresses the core issues involved in international development interventions.
Having joined the enough food for everyone campaign IF, CARLA Internationalís
development training course will look at issues from infrastructural development to food
security. If you would like to get an idea of how international development works, or are
interested in an international development career, then this international development
training is for you. We take a strong social development perspective working on issues
such as livelihood and business development, health and sanitation, nutrition and food
security. During this international development training, we will be looking at international
development as good change. The courses are held at the royal geographical society and
are facilitated by David Measures.
The day project management cycle for international development training is a training
course designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed in planning and
managing an international development project. This training has been developed by
international development practitioners who are experts in the field. This international
development training will be addressing the specific tools needed when initiating and
overseeing an international development project. Unlike other international development
trainings, our course is fully hands on and involves participatory learning.
Furthering this course, we have 2 practical international development trainings based in
Africa. Unlike volunteering abroad, these international development courses take you
through the different stages of designing and implementing an international development
project as set out by international donors. Our 2 practical international development
trainings run for two weeks and six weeks. The two week course looks at designing and
planning and international development project. The six week course builds on this through
an immersion and the implementation of the international development intervention. Both
courses have been developed in collaboration with the Royal Geographical Society, UNICEF,
WFP and Concern Universal, and represent a programme that will help when applying for
international development jobs, and will be invaluable when embarking on an international
development career.
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