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The 3D approach to international development is a holistic methodology that we  
also use in our international development training. Our international development  
training courses have been designed in collaboration with UNICEF in order to help  
you in international development careers. Unlike volunteering abroad, the  
international development courses tackle the real issues in the country while giving  
you the best training ready for any international development job. We understand  
that it is very difficult finding international development jobs and have been  
working together with UNICEF and other organisations involved in the enough food  
for everyone campaign.
Furthermore, we offer businesses who are interested in international development  
bespoke international development training in corporate social responsibility - CRS -  
related to international development projects. As with our international  
development training courses, these international development trainings are aimed  
at developing best practice and facilitating International development as good  
3D Approach to International Development
3D development is an approach that places human wellbeing at the centre of strategies for change. It takes account of the importance of material wellbeing, subjective wellbeing and relational wellbeing in the context of our economic, natural and social environment. Understanding the role of businesses and livelihoods in poverty alleviation, CARLA International3D applies the principles of stakeholder participation to triple bottom line values, where people are the actors and reactors in instigating development as sustainable good change.
The approach develops upon CARLA International3D‘s Sustainable Livelihood & Wellbeing (SLW) Framework, which aims to offer a holistic, bottom-up, people centred approach to development that recognises that livelihood activities are diverse, comprising of multiple influences, priorities and strategies, and are not just about what people have, but what their needs and goals are. As a proponent of wellbeing, the SLW framework takes a positive actor orientated focus on activities and their outcomes, emphasizing that people are agents who actively shape their own lives. It is a method to support people and communities in ways that are more meaningful to their daily lives and needs, without negatively affecting their natural environment.

The 3D approach promotes sustainable livelihood and business strategies through the support of people’s capabilities, resources and activities, which are required as a means of a living. They are considered to be sustainable when they can cope with and recover from stresses and shocks, and maintain or enhance the capabilities and resources needed to engage in activities both now and in the future, while not undermining the natural resource base.

CARLA International's SLW Framework is a tool to understand the process where, given a particular formal and informal constitutional context (e.g. laws and constitutions vis-a-vis customs and traditions), individuals, households and communities combine resources available in the pursuit of meaningful activities, in order to satisfy needs and goals -
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