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We are a high impact not-for-profit organisation providing socio-economic development services to assist marginalised communities and their environments.
As a cooperative of dedicated experts our team is committed to making a serious and sustainable impact on poverty, global inequality and environmental injustice.

We work with civil society, the public and private sectors in delivering appropriate poverty alleviating strategies, empowering the most disadvantaged, in areas including:
Livelihood support

Busines and livelihoods activities are critical to generate income and alleviate poverty. We apply the principles of stakeholder participation to triple bottom line values for the development of small, medium and large private sector ventures to support poor communities as producers, employees and consumers...
Clean Energy

Access to sustainable energy is key to societal development, environmental health and poverty alleviation. We have designed and developed renewable energy solutions for implementation within sustainability programmes to help communities extend their livelihood portfolios, helping them generate income, manage their environment and improve education...
Water & Sanitation

Poor water quality and inadequate sanitation negatively impact food security, livelihood choices and educational opportunities for poor families. Understanding the complexities of delivery in the context of international development, we have positively mediated with communities and governments in designing and implementing appropriate systems for sustainable sanitation and clean water provision..

Strong government institutions are vital for a nations socio-economic growth. We work to enhance the capability, responsiveness and transparency of governments to deliver services for nations’ prosperity and wellbeing. We do this through supporting public sector reform, improving public financial management and strengthening civil society.

Education lies at the heart of a society, creating wellbeing, building democracy and reducing inequality between regions and social groups. We help empower individuals, communities and organisations through our innovative educational programmes from school attendance project in primary schools, through to working with the next generation of global citizen in institutions around the world.

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